Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tesco PLC Reports Fiscal Year Sales and Profits

United Kingdom-based global retailer Tesco PLC, that nation's number one retailer and the third-largest in the world, released its annual sales and profit numbers today.

Tesco PLC, the international retailer that's also the parent company of Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market USA, the small-format, convenience-style grocery chain we've written much about here at Natural~Specialty Foods Memo, had a strong sales and profit report for the fiscal year. Tesco reported those number today.

We're currently working on an analysis piece on Tesco and Fresh & Easy for publication tomorrow.

We suggest you go to the blog Fresh & Easy Buzz, which is full of news, analysis and commentary, both internationally on Tesco PLC and on Fresh & Easy in the U.S., on today's Tesco sales and profits report.

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