Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Supply-Side Memo: Rude Health Organic Foods Might Have Created the 'Healthiest' Breakfast Food on the Planet; and it Tastes Good Too

United Kingdom-based Rude Health Organic Foods just might have created the healthiest breakfast food on the planet?

The British maker and marketer of organic and healthy breakfast cereals has created Rude Health Ultimate Organic Muesli, a wheat-free breakfast cereal blend of 100% organic superfoods, including organic whole grain oats, rye, barley flakes, assorted fruits, nuts, seeds and berries. The berries include blueberries, which are considered a "superfood" and are one of the top antioxidants , along with the Goji Berry, another top superfood.

There are more whole grains, fiber, ruffage, vitamins and antioxidants in a bowl of Rude Health Ultimate Organic Muesli than the average person gets in a week on an average western diet.

The ultimate muesli also is sugar and salt-free, as well has not containing any wheat.

Further, We can count at least 24 different healthy ingredients on the cereal's label. And, we can report, Rude Health's Ultimate Organic Muesli tastes great as well.

The ultimate muesli breakfast cereal isn't Rude Health's only cereal product. In fact, the growing organic foods company is carving a niche out for itself as one of the world's premier makers and marketers of organic, healthy and premium quality tasting breakfast cereals.

The company's line of breakfast cereals includes: various varieties of organic muesli (in addition to the ultimate variety), Organic Flakes, Organic Puffs, and Organic Porridge.

Rude health also markets Goji Berries in various package sizes. The superfood berries, which are high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, are becoming increasingly popular with consumers globally.

The idea behind selling the Goji Berries in various package sizes as well as in general, is that a handful can be tossed on top of all of the company's breakfast cereal varieties in order to achieve an even healthier morning fortification.

You can view the complete line of Rude Health brand breakfast cereals here; and even order some online if you choose to.

Rude but sustainable, 'green' and local

The organic foods company buys the ingredients for their cereals from companies which not only produce organic grains, nuts, fruits and the like, but also practice sustainable farming methods. Rude Health also has a policy that it will buy its ingredients from local (United Kingdom) farmers and suppliers whenever possible, or unless impossible.

For example, the company reports at present that 100% of the organic porridge oats and oatmeal used in its breakfast cereals currently is being sourced locally in the UK.

The company also is a member of the UK Soil Association, which certifies100% of the ingredients used in Rude Health brand cereals are organic.

Rude Health Organic Foods also tells Natural~Specialty Foods Memo it has a commitment to "green" or environmental production. Currently, the breakfast cereal bags are made from wood that comes from sustainable forests. The packaging also is 100% recyclable, as are the tubs cereal varieties like the Ultimate Muesli come in.

All of the package labels are made from Biotak, which is biodegradable, according to the company.

More importantly, the cereal maker and marketer says it on a continuous improvement track to make its entire operations--from production to packaging--as environmentally-friendly as possible.

One of Rude Health Organic Ultimate Muesli's biggest fans is that British global Goddess of cuisine Nigella Lawson.

Nigella (forst name only needed) has created a number of recipes on her TV cooking shows, such as "Lazy Loaf," using the healthy and tasty muesli. Nigella also includes that recipe in her cookbook, "Nigella Express," which features quick-to-make healthy, quality meals.

Other fans of the muesli who order it in multiples online include movie star Gwyneth Paltrow and supermodel turned actress Elizabeth Hurley. Both woman have raved about the breakfast--and snack time--cereal in newspapers and on television in the UK.

We exaggerate just a little--but Rude Health Organic Foods might have created the healthiest breakfast food on the planet with its Ultimate Organic Muesli.

The fact it also tastes good adds to its "ultimate" status. That combination--super-healthy and good tasting--leads us to conclude there's absolutely nothing rude about this muesli, except part of its name.

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To Whom It May Concern,
Ada's Natural Foods in Ft. Myers has recently signed 3 more locations, since your last article. Estero, Boca Rotan, and Kendall. Plus they are negotating stores in Miami, Sarasota and one in San Francisco.
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