Thursday, April 24, 2008

Food & Society Memo Global Food Crisis Special Feature: How You Can Help the Hungry At No Cost to You; Just Spend A Few Minutes At FreeRice.Com

What if we told you there was a way you could help those people in the poorest nations in the world who are currently suffering the most with the growing global food price crisis without spending a penny of your own money?

Additionally, what if we told you you could do so without even leaving the computer where you are currently reading Natural~Specialty Foods Memo?

Further, what if we added that spending just ten minutes of your time playing a fun and educational online vocabulary-building game would result in a donation of rice to hungry people who desperately need it?

Yes, all it takes is a little bit of your time!

Like us, we hope you would say...tell me about it, so I can play the game and get free rice to hungry throughout the world.

Here is what you do:

First, go to the website

Once there, you will be at the home page of the vocabulary game. There you will see a word for you to define. There are four possible answers. Just click on the word/answer that best defines the vocabulary word.

If you get the correct definition, you move on to the next word. There's actually no losing, because if you get the answer wrong, you still move on to another word choice. It's a win-win situation--both for you in building your vocabulary skills, and more importantly for the world's hungry.

For every word definition you get correct,'s sponsors (you can see the sponsors' ads across the very bottom of the web page) donate 20 grains of rice to the United Nation's World Food Program to feed hungry people in the world's most food-challenged regions and nations.

We just spent 15 minutes playing the FreeRice vocabulary game. Even though we aren't all that bright, we still managed to get lots of word definitions correct, resulting in a donation of lots of free grains of rice thanks to the sponsoring companies.

Since we know Natural~Specialty Foods Memo's (NSFM) readers are much brighter than its writers and publishers are--we expect you to do even better than we did in your 10 or 15 minutes playing the vocabulary game on the website.

We also ask our readers to please email this piece from NSFM to as many people as you can so that as much free rice as possible can get donated.

Just imagine if a just a couple thousand people get the link from Natural~Specialty Foods Memo and each play for just ten minutes each. The result would be lots of free rice for those most in need at this time of soaring global food prices and growing hunger.

We invite you to take some time to play the vocabulary game--and to share this piece with all those on your email list so they can play it as well and generate free rice for those most in need of basic food.

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