Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Reader Memo: Former Sam Walton Protege, Wal-Mart Executive and Renowed Wal-Mart Expert Michael Bergdahl Gives NSFM Props For Our 'Marketside' Work

Michael "Bird Dog" Bergdahl is the former corporate director of people for Wal-Mart, Inc. in Bentonville, Arkansas. Mr. Bergdahl, who was given the nickname "Bird Dog" by Sam Walton himself, worked side-by-side with the late Wal-Mart founder for years.

These days, Mike "Bird Dog" Bergdahl is a professional business consultant, international speaker, author and authority on Wal-Mart, Inc. and its competitive practices.

His books include, "What I learned from Sam Walton: How to Compete and Thrive in a Wal-Mart World," and, 'The 10 Rules of Sam Walton: Success Secrets for Remarkable Results."

Mr. Bergdahl speaks to audiences at corporations, business associations, non-profit organizations, universities, and in numerous other venues, throughout the world about Wal-Mart and its competitive process and culture. He also speaks about numerous other aspects of business, competition and human resources.

The "Bird Dog," as Sam Walton generally called him on a daily basis, has appreared on CNN, MSNBC, CNBC and numerous other broadcast media outlets, providing insight and expertise about Wal-Mart and its competitors.

Last week, we recieved a note from Michael Bergdahl, who we've never met--not before or since we received his note via email.

The former Wal-Mart executive apparently was doing some research about Wal-Mart's new Marketside small-format grocery store project, which we were one of the first publications to report on some months ago, and have followed up about with a number of analysis pieces--as well as breaking additional news about.

As we reported some months ago, the first four or five Marketside "Small Marts" are scheduled to open this summer in the Phoenix, Arizona Metropolitan region. [You can read some of our pieces about Wal-Mart's Marketside format here.]

Here is what Mr. Bergdahl had to say in his note to Natural~Specialty Foods Memo last week:

I needed information on "Marketside" and your site provided a tremendous education for me on the small mart battle!


Michael Bergdahl
International Speaker / Author / Wal-Mart Competition Authority 412-635-2638

We coined the term "Small Mart" back in August, 2007 to describe Wal-Mart's small-format Marketside stores specifically and what we have called (and written extensively about) the small-format grocery store revolution currently going on in America generally.

Your welcome Michael. It's good to be read; and even better to be useful. Now...about that Wal-Mart smiley face... Never mind :)

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