Monday, November 24, 2008

Marketing Memo: How Persuasive is the Case For Your Brand?

Brand marketing in trying economic times

Hard evidence is critically important to any brand case, and an evidentiary overlay can be a tremendous asset in building and communicating a uniquely compelling brand position, according to Tony Barr and Gary Kopervas, the authors of a paper, "How Persuasive is the Case for Your Brand?

An "Evidentiary Brand" structures its case on a set of distinguishing truths that project a brand's virtues in a meaningful way and play to the emotions of the jury—the target audience—thereby improving the odds of a favorable brand verdict, the authors write in the current (Fall 2008) edition of

Their paper demonstrates how success in winning the hearts and minds of skeptical consumers can be improved by taking a closer look at what it takes a trial lawyer to win the hearts and minds of a jury, the authors argue in the interesting and practical paper.

The information and arguments in the white paper are useful ones for food marketers of all sorts, regardless if they're a brand marketer for a huge global consumer packaged goods company or a medium to small natural or specialty foods company.

You can download and read the interesting, informative and useful brand marketing white paper at the Web site here.

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