Saturday, January 12, 2008

Prepared Foods Memo: A 'Prince' of an Organic Sandwich

Duchy Originals Does Organic Sandwiches

We're all familiar with Britain's Earl of Sandwich, that member of the Royal Family who the modern day sandwich is named after. Obviously, becoming the "father" of such an everyday foodstuff like the sandwich is quite an honor for a man, even among royals.
However, after all these centuries of having the honor of being the "sandwich king" of the royal lineage, the Earl is now being "out-royaled" on the sandwich front: None other than Prince Charles, heir to the current royal dynasty, has introduced a line of organic, premium, ready-to-eat sandwiches to his fast-growing Duchy Originals food empire.

The Prince of Wales' line of ready-to-eat, upscale and organic sandwiches will be introduced later this month at Waitrose Supermarkets, Britain's favorite upscale grocer. Waitrose, which currently has about 190 stores, will be the first retailer to sell the line, with other UK grocers and shops coming on a bit later.

the organic sandwiches, which with prices starting at $2.99 are priced for the common man and women, are handmade and contain all organic ingredients.

The organic sandwich varieties include: Cornish Brie (cheese) with vine-ripened tomatoes, cheddar cheese with a special relish, rare roast beef with various garnishes, and smoked mackerel with gooseberry. The mackerel is line-caught (and approved by the UK Marine Stewardship Council), cured in sea salt, smoked over oak and beechwood, and then roasted. A fresh gooseberry dressing serves as its primary garnish. (The mackerel is the only ingredient in the sandwiche line that's not organic. It can't be as it's wild and comes from the sea.)

The Duchy Originals' organic sandwiches contain no preservatives or artificial ingredients, in addition to using all organic ingredients, with the exception of the sea-caught mackerel. Additionally, the bread (called Bloomer loaves) for the sandwiches was created especially for the line. Premium organic condiments and garnishes are used in all the sandwiches.

Duchy Originals is in fast-growth and diversification modes

The launch of the organic sandwich line is part of Duchy Originals', and Prince Charles', plans to grow the natural, organic and sustainable food company significantly.

In July of last year the company introduced a line of organic fruit yogurts in the UK. Currently, there are three varieties of organic yogurt under the Duchy Originals brand: rhubarb and ginger, lemon curd (which has already won a number of awards for quality) and blackcurrant. The yogurt varieties contain 100% organic whole milk and organic fruits.

The increasingly diversified company currently has product lines in the following food or grocery categories: biscuits, bread and bakery, preserves, condiments, dressings, confections and chocolates, crisps, pastries/pies/flans, desserts, and soups/gravies.
Additionally, there's a dairy products line, which includes fresh milks and cheeses, in addition to the yogurts mentioned above. Duchy Originals also has a line of meats and poultry. The line features fresh hams, sausages, bacon and chicken. There's also a line of pate and smoked salmon.

The royal food firm also has an extensive line of beverages. These include mineral water, ciders, ales, herbal teas, refreshers and cordials, and sparkling wine.

Duchy Originals has also diversified into non-food products. Currently, the company markets an extensive line of health, beauty and body care items, and a garden tool line.

(You can view a listening of all the food and non-food products the company currently markets here. Just click on the "products" link when you get to the page.)

Prince Charles says the philosophy of the company embodies his commitment to what he refers to as "a virtuous circle of providing natural, high-quality organic and premium products, while helping to protect and sustain the countryside and wildlife." All of the company's profits go to charities.

In a week or so, British consumers will be able to support the Prince of Wales' environmental and charitable commitments an organic sandwich at a time. We think the Earl would be proud of the lad.

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