Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thursday Talking Points Memo

Natural~Specialty Foods Memo's Talking Points Memo is taking today off do to business travel. However we wouldn't think of leaving our readers high and dry in terms of having interesting and provocative industry reading material available for you in this space.

In our place today Talking Points Memo brings you this interesting article about buyer/seller relations between British supermarket companies and their suppliers by Ms. Joanna Blythman from the August 21, 2007 London Daily Mail newspaper.

The UK is currently embroiled in a bit of a government/supermarket industry controversy. The British Government is investigating the UK's two major chains, Tesco and Asda, for bullying and unfair tactics viv-a-vis their suppliers. There also are government investigations taking place involving pricing and other competitive issues within the UK supermarket sector

In the article Ms. Blythman, who has extensive experience researching and writing about the UK supermarket industry, talks about what is going on with supermarket chains across the pond in terms of their treatment of suppliers and vendors as well as the current state of the industry in the UK in her analysis and point of view.

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